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An excellent blog is the Rapid e-Learning Blog, found at Tom Kuhlmann hosts the blog, Tom has more than 20 years experience in the training industry. The blog was started in 2007, and is updated weekly. This blog is an excellent location for Instructional Design and Technology (IDT) students to find information that will aid them in improving designing training for e- Learning.
The home page is very attractive, and has a note that in very simple terms states what the site provides, “practical, real-world tips for e-Learning success!” In browsing the content of the site, this statement is short but precise. The amount of information presented is large, easy to navigate, and frequently updated. There are links to additional information in each post, including videos, demonstrations and templates.
Each of the blog posts has links to additional information and resources. The way this site is constructed makes it very easy to navigate and quickly find information that one is looking for. The link at the top of each blog post showing the number of comments and links directly to the comments that others have made to the posts. This is handy for those that want to read others comments without having to scroll to the bottom of the page.
Exploring this site is a pleasure. Visiting this blog provided more information and a higher quality of information than websites dedicated to instructional design. This blog has instructional information, resources to aid new IDTs be successful, and advice from a proven professional to assist one in avoiding the pitfalls of many e-Learning courses.
I found this site to be refreshing and addictive in how easy it was to move from one topic to another gaining new insight and knowledge with each link clicked. This will blog is definitely worthy of a subscription and new subscribers get a free e-book “The insiders guide to Becoming a Rapid E-Learning Pro”.
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I found and excellent blog for students of Instructional Design and Technology (IDT). The host is Tracy Parish. You can read more about Tracy on her blog at
The blog page itself is very appealing. The bloggers has identified four key words, design, develop, create, and discover. Each of these words has a picture and a quote from a famous individual. These automatically transition from one to the other on the home page. In addition to this feature, recent items are on the homepage, along with a continuously updating twitter feed.
The Discovery Through eLearning blog began in 2007 and has a wealth of information available for students of Instructional Design. The resources page includes recommended books, gives presentation resources, templates, and tips and tricks. One link within this resource link has a listing of free eLearning Tools including the best places to obtain images, editing tools for screen capture, audio capture and editing, collaborative tools, slide sharing, and other favorites of many instructional designers.
This blog is very well developed with a wealth of information. There is a robust search function in addition to a wide range of categories the author has already created to group information. The blog is one of the top e-learning blogs available. The blog site is easy to navigate and understand with links conveniently placed on the pages where they are easy to find. There is enough information given in the intro for each of the items listed for the reader to decide if they would like to read more or not. I would recommend subscribing to this blog as a source of useful information and a resource for links to free tools necessary for the IDT student. The blogger is not going to overload ones RSS feed with information, most of the posts and updates to this blog have relevancy.
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