Welcome New Followers

Posted: 03/04/2015 in Assignments

I would like to welcome any new followers. I am not an active blogger, simply because of shortage of time. I do enjoy using my RSS reader to follow others blogs. I am looking forward to getting into the Project Management course. It feels like we just jumped from the frying pan into the fire, no different from the day-to-day work experience of many of us. I am enjoying the experience, challenges, and interactions with my classmates. Please feel free to reach out at anytime if you need help or just a couple of words of encouragement. I may be as stuck as you are; I do believe two minds are better than one. Good luck with the course!

  1. Jenny Hogg says:

    Hello Jordyn!
    Your blog is very nice. Love the aesthetics! Glad we are sharing another class and glad to be following your blog still. 🙂
    Happy to be learning alongside you!

    • jordynheche says:

      Thank you. I like seeing both familiar and new faces in each class. Starting to get a little Spring fever this week, so I will have to make greater efforts to stay focuses on school. Daylight savings time should help a bit, give a bit more sunshine after work.


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