Week 7 Assignment

Posted: 02/26/2015 in Assignments

This week we were asked to create a Best Practices Guide for moving a training course from a traditional classroom setting to an online environment. This was a challenging project as many of us were working on finishing up our CMS page. There is so much information one needs to have a grasp of to take on this challenge, it was difficult to narrow it down to specific highlights. I could see how this project could be worked on over two or three weeks to truly come up with a quality guide. As time permits in the future I plan to edit or revamp this guide as a personal reference for myself.

Here is the link to the guide I created.


  1. Dear Jordyn, you have created a magnificent guide: very well-structured, concise and, at the same time, detailed. It is obvious you put a lot of effort into it, and I am sure, not only the fictitious trainer from the scenario but any trainer who spots in online will greatly benefit from it.

  2. jordynheche says:


    Thank you so much for your comments. I hope over the course of time to make significant improvements to this guide. I would have like to have seen this as a course project and not a one week assignment, there is so much information that needs to be gathered to make this guide truly beneficial to someone wanting to tackle this type of a project. I am flattered with your praise for this original attempt to create something meaningful, worthwhile, and beneficial. Thank you again,


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