Welcome EDUC 6135 Classmates

Posted: 01/06/2015 in Assignments


Happy New Year!

Welcome to my blog. Looking forward to expanding the use of this site throughout this course. Welcome to the new classmates! To those familiar classmates, great to see you all progressing into the new year, looking forward to more interesting interactions in 2015!

  1. James Liu says:

    Hi Jordyn, this is James Liu, a classmate of yours from the Walden University “Distance Education” (EDUC 6135 – 1) class. I have subscribed to your blog and am following your posts and I look forward to learning with you in this class.

    • jordynheche says:

      James, Thank you for following my blog. I will be following yours as well. Looking forward to interacting with you during this course.

  2. Hi Jordyn! Great to see you in another course! Looking forward to reading your blog, I am following. Your blog layout is great. I like the look and feel of it.

    • jordynheche says:

      Thank you, Seeing familiar faces is always reassuring and new ones refreshing. I look forward to more interactions, I will be continuing to follow your blog as well.

  3. Matthew Rupp says:

    Hi Jordyn! I am now following your blog for class.

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